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Travelling can be brutal on your skin. Air travel dries you out, different destinations have different climates, and spending all that time in the sun can leave your skin in need of some tender loving care.

Taking your usual skincare regime on the road isn’t easy, so finding an alternative that treats your skin and doesn’t take up all the space in your luggage is golden. You know this melanated Goddess is careful about what she puts on her skin, so here’s the DL on my travel must-have for skin care.

True and Natural make organic soaps that are vegan-friendly, chemical free, and created with love using Caribbean ingredients prepared by Caribbean producers. These bars are truly beautiful, with gorgeous natural scents, no added colorants, and healing properties that will make you fall in love with your skin… and your skin fall in love with you!

The best part about these bars is they are good for your face and your body, meaning one small product covers your entire skin cleansing routine! These bars are a total travel hack when you want to save space but still look Insta-fabuloussss Every. Single. Day of your vacay!

Whether you choose the turmeric and citrus bar for protection against sun damage and aging, the coffee and cocoa bar for its exfoliation properties, or one of their other specialty organic combinations, you are choosing to treat yo’self with True and Natural. Available at retail stores throughout the Caribbean, these products are an absolute must-have wherever you are headed!


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