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hey guys!

I'm Lisa-Gaye Shakespeare, Travel Influencer, Consultant & Content Creator.

My life's mission is to help the busy individual plan their vacation to the Caribbean, providing them with authentic and local experiences, off the beaten path adventures and connecting them to the culture, in turn making their vacation relaxing, fun and stress-free.


I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, where my love and passion for travel developed when I was a child.

School trips were my absolute favorite activities because I got to see different parts of the island and learned first hand about our history and culture. Then I traveled to Cuba on a high school Spanish trip when I was 12 years old and it was then my eyes were truly opened to the world of travel.


fun fact!

My wanderlust soul and roaming heart have led me to experience traveling to 56 countries on 5 continents.


However, during my journeys, I discovered that there is a serious lack of people of color (POC) traveling because on numerous occasions, I have been in other countries and hardly see anyone who looks like me. 

This is because there is a stigma among POC that traveling is unattainable and expensive. I have family members who have never left their birth town, friends who take only one vacation per year and I’ve even met local POC in other countries who have never traveled or experienced other cultures. 


Let's see if we have anything in common. Learn more about me below!

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I want to help change that because it’s important to me to see more POC traveling. This is a big part of my motivation for being a travel influencer and content creator so I can inspire others to traverse this beautiful world, especially the Caribbean, to gain authentic cultural experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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