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Copenhagen, Denmark, is a truly magical city, especially during the holiday season. While the purpose for my visit this time was personal, that was no reason not to go all out and enjoy the best Copenhagen has to offer! What’s a girl to do but find two of the best hotels in the city and enjoy the luxury and style the Danish capital has to offer? Here’s what I found:

Andersen Hotel - Right in the center of Copenhagen, the Andersen Hotel has cute boutique vibes all over the place. 


Wine hour - Every day from 5pm - 6pm, your first glass of red or white is free, then your second glass is 50% off. Like, what?! 

Honesty bar - Make your own cocktail, then add it to the book - they charge your room for whatever you use, and you can enjoy your cocktail whenever you want…even when there is no bartender in sight!

Themed rooms - Every single one of the 69 rooms has a whole vibe, and you get to choose! Cool, brilliant, wonderful, and amazing pair with princess, mermaid, and emperor to bring you unique spaces that suit every personality and preference.

The Room:

Junior Suite - everything you need in this studio-style suite. Comfortable bed, desk area for working, sofa for chilling while you drink freshly made coffee, or convert it into a sleeping area for 1 or 2 children. The luxurious ensuite bathroom has everything you could need, and the entire space is comfortable, spacious, and, if you book early, you can choose your theme - Your girl picked the Princess style (even though she is a Queen), and the magenta highlights in the room were on point!

See why I’m obsessed with this super cute boutique hotel!

Hotel Alexandra - A century-old building that features the best of Danish design from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.


Convenient cuisine - Downstairs, the restaurant serves excellent cafe-style breakfast, brunch, and lunch meals, and if you don’t want to make coffee in your room, their coffee is excellent, too!

Wine hour becomes two - From 5pm - 7pm every night, grab yourself a complimentary glass of wine and a book from the hotel library and unwind in the sophisticated luxury of Danish designer furniture.

Danish design for days - The owners of this hotel have spent 20 years sourcing the very best of Danish design to create a truly magnificent vibe. With a world-class look and feel, from the moment you step into the lobby, you’re stepping into the magic and design history of Denmark.

The Room:

Deluxe Room - These rooms are stunning. With exquisite furnishings, gorgeous views over the inner city streets of Copenhagen, and a design aesthetic that feels classy and sophisticated, it will be tempting to stay in - but with Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter on your doorstep, you will definitely want to head out! Don’t worry, though, when you return you will have a comfortable bed, a relaxing seating area, and a luxurious feeling bathroom to enjoy.  

See why I loved the vintage vibe at Hotel Alexandra!


Early closure - Unlike Southern Europe, restaurants in Denmark close super early! Make sure you prioritize getting to your food destination because you don’t want to be too late and miss out.

Northern lights - If you’ve never been this far north, Copenhagen can be a revelation for its early sunset in winter! By 4:30pm it is dark, but that makes the lights even more magical at Christmastime. Traveling at another time of year? What goes up must come down, so prepare for long days and short nights in summer! 

Quick facts:

  • Copenhagen is home to more than 1.4 million people in the urban area.

  • The local currency is the Danish Krone (DKK), so don’t show up expecting to pay euro. 

  • With 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, Copenhagen is a food-lovers' haven.

  • This green city is easy to get around, with 250 miles of cycleways across the city, a great public bus system, and one of the longest pedestrian-only shopping streets in the world.

  • English is commonly spoken in Copenhagen, so there is no need to brush up on your Danish before you travel.

  • Copenhagen was once the capital city of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark!


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