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Travel to New York City, and you’ll be met with a whole load of options for cuisine, cocktails, and city views. Finding a space that brings the three together with style and ease, though, isn’t always easy. One place that does so, and exceptionally well, is Bar 54, the rooftop bar and eatery at the Hyatt Centric Times Square hotel. Here’s why Bar 54, so named for its 54th floor location, is a must-visit rooftop bar in NYC.

Cuisine. Some rooftop bars would sit back and let the views do all the work. To be honest, Bar 54 could easily do that, and they would still do well (more about the views later!), but they don’t. The food at Bar 54 is edgy, sophisticated, and, above all else, absolutely delicious. From the charcuterie board to the bar nuts, everything on the menu is designed to tantalize your taste buds without being pretentious. Hot tip: You cannot lose with the shrimp tostada, charred octopus, or wagyu sliders!

Cocktails. No bar on a NYC rooftop is complete without signature cocktails, and Bar 54 does not disappoint. The drinks here are top-notch and include the rum-based Mango-go, gin cocktail Forbidden Fruit (featuring dragonfruit for a unique but delicious taste) and In my Peelings, which features a house-infused banana whiskey. There is literally nothing on the cocktail menu I wouldn’t try, and everything I tasted was exquisite.

City views to die for. The clue is in the name of the hotel - Hyatt Centric Times Square. With insane views taking in Times Square, the Chrysler building and the surrounding skyline, Bar 54 offers some of the best vistas in Manhattan. Soak up the atmosphere, take in the cityscape, and enjoy the food, drinks, and unforgettable setting in the tallest rooftop lounge in NYC. As rooftop cocktail bars go, Bar 54 is a fantastic example of how to do things right. The views show Manhattan at its best, and where else boasts the opportunity to sip delicious cocktails as you watch the magic of Times Square? For those who want something a little more intimate, don’t worry - Bar 54 has an indoor lounge that celebrates the rooftop setting while offering that cozy yet chic vibe you crave.

Bar 54 is exactly what you hope for in NYC and more. The river-to-river views across lower Manhattan, craft cocktails, and delicious light bites are the perfect way to celebrate your time in the city, and whether you’re staying in the attached Hyatt Centric Times Square hotel or not, this is a rooftop destination that must make your list!


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