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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

When you think of Alaska Airlines, chances are the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Boston are as far from your mind as they are from Alaska. It might be a pleasant surprise, then, for you to discover that Alaska Airlines has routes to all three of these places and more from their headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Recently, I flew to Seattle from Boston with Alaska Airlines, and let me tell you, your girl got more than she expected in the best ways.

Here are four reasons why you should consider Alaska Airlines next time you want to fly.

The pre-flight experience. Once you have booked and paid (a very good price, no less) for your flight, the next thing on your mind is getting on that plane. We’ve all heard the horror stories, particularly post-pandemic, about checking in, boarding, and baggage, but let me tell you, this process with Alaska Airlines was smooth. With carry-on and personal bags free, you can absolutely travel without extra cost, but a very reasonable $30 will get you a checked bag (and for just $40, you can get a second checked bag), so if you’re not a light traveler, or you’re planning a long vacation, you won’t get walloped at the check-in counter.

The check-in process was automated and super easy, and within a very short period of time, I was handing my checked baggage over to a friendly Alaska Airlines staff member, and off I went to the gate! This was one of the smoothest and easiest check-ins I have experienced, and boarding was just as simple. With loads of room for my carry-on plus personal bag, I was quickly seated in the comfortable, spacious economy seats. These seats had more legroom than I was prepared for, making for a very comfortable 5.5-hour flight across the country.

The in-flight experience. Once in the air, things just got better. In Premium Class, you receive complimentary drinks, including alcohol! Not to mention they just announced a new coffee blend with Stumptown Coffee coming to all flights this winter. Next time, I’ll choose a flight that isn’t at the crack of dawn so I can indulge! But a hot cup of tea and a delicious snack box, including meat, nuts, crackers, and cheese, was a great start to the day and perfect for the length of the flight. The flight attendants were all really friendly and helpful, and that legroom I mentioned above made for a seriously comfortable mid-range flight. Disembarking was just as easy as boarding, and after a smooth, very comfortable flight, it was nice to get on our way so quickly.

The convenience. Did I mention that I flew nonstop from Boston across to Seattle in less than 6 hours? Alaska Airlines flies to more than 115 destinations, so no matter where you’re going, chances are good that Alaska Airlines can get you there. If you’re a frequent flyer, they have an award-winning loyalty program, and Alaska Airlines is part of the oneworld® Alliance, which reaches over 900 destinations globally and offers loads of benefits like pre-flight lounge access and on-site support at selected airports to help you get your connecting flights with ease. With streaming wi-fi on board and an excellent mobile app that keeps you up-to-date with every part of your flying experience, including food pre-orders and no change fees on main cabin tickets, flying with Alaska Airlines is convenient to travel at its best.

The possibilities. As the only West Coast-based carrier headquartered in Seattle, it’s obvious that Alaska Airlines is a company that recognizes possibility. With destinations across the United States and in six North and Central American countries, Alaska Airlines is going places, including new routes starting this fall from Seattle to Honolulu and into Nassau, Bahamas. This airline has the most spacious main cabin of any domestic airline, is a member of a major global airline alliance, and offers excellent value for money, including a 24-hour lowest-price guarantee. Whether you’re a budget flyer or someone looking to travel in luxury, Alaska Airlines has you covered.

Flying with Alaska Airlines was an experience I will gladly repeat. This airline knows how to make travel a smooth, comfortable experience and excels at every step of the process. Offering flights all across North America, into Central America and the Caribbean, Alaska Airlines is a comfortable, easy, and stylish air carrier that will get you to where you want to go.


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