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Updated: May 1, 2023

Most people have certain things they want to do before they die. Jumping out of a plane. Running a marathon. Seeing the northern lights. Almost without exception, travel makes it on the list, and there are lots of reasons why. Creating your bucket list, then going out there and making it happen, is an important part of living a purposeful life filled with fun, friends, and moments to remember. Here are four reasons you should start your bucket list today.

Facing fears. If you’ve ever scrolled my IG, you’ll know that I luuuuurve the water. Whether it’s waterfalls in South Africa, beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, or the incredible experience of floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan, water is a big part of my travel experience, so it might surprise you to know that I actually can’t swim. Rather than allowing that to hold me back, though, I embrace the challenge of being near and in, the water! One of my ultimate bucket list experiences was floating in the Dead Sea, which allowed me to face my fear and was absolutely mindblowing. Water, not your thing? Try jumping from a plane, climbing a mountain, or exploring underground caves. If it gets your heart racing, get it onto your bucket list!

Exploring everything. People often say that the reason they create a bucket list is because they don’t want to have any regrets when they die. Trying new foods, exploring new cultures, learning new languages - letting curiosity and a desire for adventure lead you to new experiences is the best way to make sure that your life is well lived, without regrets. One of my favorite bucket list items is exploring new cultures through music and dance. Your girl gets her groove on worldwide!

Creating connections. No matter what experience you are going after, the opportunity to meet incredible people and make new friends is always there. In fact, for some people, creating new connections around the world is a bucket list item all of its own! Some of my personal faves are people I have met on my bucket list adventures, and once we have had one adventure together, you just know there’s going to be a whole lot more! Finding like-minded people while you’re checking off your bucket list can create the kind of connections that lead to more fun, more adventures, and more travel.

Making memories. Making cherished memories with my melanated queens has become an important part of my bucket list, but even when traveling alone, making memories is the bucket list item that keeps on giving! Watching the sunrise over the motherland, partying at Carnival in Ibiza, glamping in the middle of the desert, seeing penguins in South Africa, or watching the sun go down aboard a luxury yacht in the Caribbean - whatever your flava, there are memories to be made!

If you’re ready to start your bucket list and make magical memories that will last a lifetime, join a group travel experience and let’s make it happen! Group tours headed to Bali, Dubai, and Ghana later this year, and South Africa in 2023 - what are you waiting for?


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