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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Spring has well and truly been sprung here in 2023, and I had so much fun this year celebrating in Trinidad at Carnival. This was your girl’s first-ever Trini Carnival experience, and she is alllll in on doing it all over again! Here’s why you want to start planning your trip to Trinidad Carnival 2024 now.

The weather is fine, all the time. In February, conditions range from hot to perfect. The temperatures are on the sizzling side of warm, which makes for long nights of heat on the dancefloor and ice in the cocktails. Catch plenty of early summer sun during the day, but be ready to turn the heat up at night because February is Carnival time, and the atmosphere is electric.

All you need is carry-on. Hitting Carnival in February, the only thing you need to worry about packing is your bikini… make those bikinis. Beachwear during the day, party wear once the sun goes down, everywhere you look, you will see variations on a theme… Carnival is time to get that bikini on and show the world what you’re made of. If you don’t have a bikini, check out my faves at Vetchy. Bright colors, great styles, and something for everybody. Why stop at one? Grab yourself a few and get packing!

It’s a party all day, and all of the night! Carnival is celebrated big in Trinidad. Locals and tourists alike spend day after day partying together. There is nothing like the Caribbean sound to get you in the mood and your booty moving, and the vibrant colors and delicious tastes and smells will have your senses going wild. Whether you’re a morning person or a night club shaker, there is always something happening during Carnival. They even have special breakfast parties that start at 4am!

Carnival actually begins in December. That’s right, Trinis party from December 26 right through til the 2-day street festival most know Carnival to be. There are street parties, breakfast fetes, competitions, and events across the 2 months, and this marathon celebration can be enjoyed at any time until the final days of Carnival kick in, so if you’re looking for a post-holiday escape, Trinidad may be your place.

Ain’t nothing gonna snap you out of that winter mood like Jouvert. You cannot hit Carnival without Jouvert, a colorful party that will have you forgetting all about the winter cold back home. This fete is wild, with powdered color being thrown across the dancing crowds and sweaty bodies covered in paint of all colors moving to the hot Caribbean beats. This is one party you will not want to miss. Summer is Jouvert y’all.

Let’s quickly break it down… here are all the deets on how to do 7 days of fetes and get the most from your Trinidad Carnival vacay!

Day one - Punchy Punch. This Neon/Bright colors themed fete is BYOD and costs $60 USD. Money well spent to kick off fete season!

Day two - Caesar’s Army AMBEACH. An all-inclusive fete with delicious food, unlimited drinks, and an Amalfi Coast theme. At $160 USD, this is a fete you won’t want to miss.

Day two - Tribe Ignite. Another neon theme and $100 USD gets you all the drinks. The perfect way to kick on after the earlier fete.

Day three - Sunnation Sunrise Breakfast Party. This fete was themed Dress to Impress, and the $180 USD for food and drinks certainly impressed me too!

Day four - Soca Brainwash. $180 USD covers food and drinks… but not much else is covered at this nude-themed fete.

Day five - Jouvert. I’ve already included this colorful fete above, but $80 USD includes the paint, powder and water needed to make this a party you won’t forget.

Day six - Carnival Monday. This fete is included with your band, which covers food and drinks. The theme? Sexxxxxy…. Which usually includes swimwear. Don’t forget your Vetchy suit!

Day seven - Carnival Day! I went all out for this day and have zero regrets for doing so. I went with the VIP experience and paid $2086 USD for it all but for my first ever Trini Carnival… I’d do it all over again! Costume, makeup, glam bar, make up touch up, masseuse, drink runner/server, bubbly/champagne service, backpack storage, air-conditioned bus, food… all adds up to a fabulusssssss time for your girl! If you’re a first timer, I highly recommend you treat yo’self and do it right!

If you’re like me and winter is looooong, kick-off 2024 with a visit to Trinidad to celebrate Carnival. Surrounded by all the color, the vibrant people, and the sights, sounds, and scents of a weeks-long party, it’s impossible not to feel alive and like summer is well and truly on its way. If you need help planning your Carnival escape for 2024, hit me up, and we’ll talk. Your girl’s got you!


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