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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

For those of you who have been following along, you know your girl loves the hot sun, cool Caribbean water, and sipping delicious cocktails vibe, so it only makes sense that I would also love the jump on a ship and take a cruise kinda vibe, too, right? The perfect opportunity came up for me to do just that on a Virgin Voyages cruise for 6 days and 5 nights in the Riviera Maya aboard the Scarlet Lady.

Here are 9 reasons that you should consider doing the same:

The cuisine is a whole experience on its own. A lot of cruises will say they are all-inclusive but limit the cuisine options. With more than 20 eateries on board, Michelin-starred chefs creating the menu, and a diverse range of international and local cuisine, you could easily spend your entire cruise in a food-induced haze. With options available 24/7 and catering to even the most discerning tastes, this cruise is like a foodie tour on the water. My personal fave, not to be missed, is the Test Kitchen… It's like a food laboratory with loads of different tastes and smells, the food is sensational, and your tastebuds will love you forever!

Drinks don’t cost the earth. One of the best reasons to cruise with Virgin Voyages is their incredible drink options. Not only do they include a wider variety of drinks in their all-inclusive pricing, but for those who want to purchase alcoholic beverages, the prices include tips (catering for the global market), are very reasonable, and you can even prepay!

You will never be bored. After dinner, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are looking to have a good time at a drag show, dance the night away at a pajama party, try your luck at the casino, or catch a show that will wow you, there is something to fill your time!

Things are happening 24/7. So you’re up early. What else is there to do but pamper yo’self? There are wellness spaces for all tastes, and whether you want to hit the gym and get your sweat on, relax by the pool and ease out of the night before, or work out those dancing muscles with a luxurious massage, there is a space for you.

Even on days at sea, there is always something to see. The Mexico coast and Riviera have some spectacular scenery, but even when you’re at sea, and there is no land in sight, the views are incredible. You can literally spend hours watching the world float by, and the calming effect of the sea is something truly magical. The perfect way to fill an afternoon after a relaxing massage or delicious brunch.

There is water everywhere. Yes, of course, you are on the water. But there is something special about relaxing in the water while on the water. The Scarlet Lady has 2 jacuzzis and 2 pools, plus a poolside bar, so you can choose to swim or just sit and sip while enjoying the views. If you’re a rockstar VIP, there are even more private jacuzzis on the sundeck at Richard’s Rooftop, with free champagne available every evening for happy hour.

There are a number of one-of-a-kind experiences to be had. One of my favorites is the afternoon tea at the Sip Lounge, a delicious culinary experience made more decadent with a glass of champagne if you so choose. Later in the evening, check out the Duel Reality show - an acrobatic take on the classic lover's tale, Romeo and Juliet. Not to be missed!

You can get all dressed up, and there is always somewhere to go! A favorite space when I’m feeling classy is The Wake, a seafood and steak restaurant that serves chef’s kiss food every time. Don’t waste all of that effort getting ready and head back to your suite after dinner… hit the dance show entertainment, go dancing yourself, or seek out an evening walk along the deck.

Get yourself to the shore and check out one of the excursions. Originally we had booked ourselves into the Mayan ruins and cenotes tour in Cozumel, but we missed the tour, so the amazing Virgin Voyages staff got us onto a snorkeling and hidden beach tour on a catamaran that was pretty incredible! If you use my link to book your cruise, Virgin Voyages will give you 50% off the second sailor and $200 of sailor loot that you can put toward an excursion, making a good time a Shore Thing!

When you’re looking for a short escape and you want easy access to great food, entertainment, relaxation, and a drink or two, a Virgin Voyages cruise is a great way to spend your travel dollar. If the Mexican Riviera isn’t your location of choice, there are plenty of other destinations to choose from, and each ship offers something slightly different while maintaining the Virgin Voyages' reputation for a high-quality cruise experience. Get booking, good looking!


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