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Updated: May 1, 2023

My trip to Paletuviers Boutique Hotel

While in Senegal, @storiesmatter and I took a trip 3 hours from Fimela to the small village of Toubacouta and stayed at the beautiful, eco-friendly, and luxurious Les @Paletuviers boutique hotel.

What I loved most about this hotel is that the property is absolutely beautiful, but it follows a sustainable path with the people of the village of Toubacouta.

The rooms are designed and decorated with all local & natural materials. The food is all sourced from local farmers and fishermen. Ninety percent of the amazing staff personnel are from the village.

I loved my time at the hotel and can’t wait to go back! You guys should definitely stay here when you visit Senegal. Don’t just stick to the “famous to do’s” and limit yourselves to only Dakar because there’s so much more to see in this beautiful country.

Meeting the Queen of Sipo

Simple things are my blessings. The main reason we drove all this way to Fimela to Toubakouta is to see the QUEEN. Can’t wait for this adventure. In order to get to Queen Sipo's house, we have to take a boat because she lives on an island, and that's literally the only way to get to her village. The locals here actually speak more English than I was expecting. It’s a relaxing and scenic ride. It takes about 25 minutes to get to her village of Sipo, Fatick, Senegal. Toubakouta has a population of about 5000 people and only 150 people live on the island of Sipo. Sipo is the only village that has a Queen, usually, they are run by village chief men. She’s been the head of the village for more than 45 years now. Her name is Fatou Mane and she is 97 years old. She loved my African jewelry and kept holding my hand. She wanted to see my eyes, so I had to take my sunglasses off. She kept telling us to always respect our elders, especially as young people because they are wise and knowledgeable. What an incredible experience with the Queen.

More about the hotel

The Sine Saloum bay that embraces the hotel is a cultural hotspot. A rich source of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Plage d’Or is a gorgeous sandy beach. It is a hidden lagoon. A delightful bank on the Atlantic Ocean that you can enjoy for a day and a night in an intimate, private setting. You rejuvenate in a captivating rhythm that is marked by the shining sun and thousands of stars.

It is a remote and wild place. And yet you are also pampered at the table. A table surrounded by oil lamps and dolphins. You enjoy oysters straight out of the delta, while your private chef prepares freshly caught fish on the barbecue.


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