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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Eeeeeeeryone loves a good girl's weekend, and you know this girl is always up for it. The best part about going away with your girls is, well, all of it… but also, you don’t have to go overseas to enjoy some quality time, which is especially helpful when you find yourselves flying in from all over the US. One of my favorite places to meet up for a little time with my ladies is Houston, TX. Here’s how to do a girl's weekend in Houston, right?

Texas tastes ain’t all barbecue. Mexican food in Houston is a must, and for Mexican flavors, you can’t go past Pistoleros with their tacos and tequila! For a more refined dining experience, hit up the black-owned Bungalow Downtown Dining. They have spaces for every vibe, cocktails that will get you ready to hit the town, and a rooftop patio with views of downtown that you cannot miss.

Hit the hottest spots for smooth sounds. Slow and sexy is the order of the night when it comes to Houston sounds, so starting at Phil and Derek’s restaurant and jazz bar is a great way to get your evening moving the right way. Black-owned and proudly promoting some of the hottest local talents, Phil and Derek’s is a smooth vibe that will get your bodies moving and your thirst on. Time for another cocktail! For more live music and some wine tasting, get your booties over to the Waters Edge Winery in Richmond for some great wine and live sounds that leave space for conversation.

Start your day with a hemp infusion. Hit up Wild to get your day started. Whether you like a coffee infused with a little CBD or THC, straight coffee, or something a little cooler for those hot Houston days, Wild has something for you. The staff at Wild know their product, so let them know what you want - high vibe, chill time, good focus, or something else - and they’ll have the recs for you!

Get your culture on with some street art. While it’s not an official landmark, everyone in Houston knows where people are headed when they ask for directions to Grafitti Park. This city block on the corner of Leeland and Emmanuel is literally covered in street art from both local artists and those further afield. As with all street art, there are some deeper messages to be found here, with Black Lives Matter messages featuring prominently and calls for social justice in many of the artworks. What other cities run from, Houston has learned to embrace, and this is a vibrant part of the city that offers culture, a lively vibe, and an insta-fabulous backdrop for some cute pics with your girls.

Make a memory you can’t wash off. You know your girl was low-key nervous about getting some ink, but what better way to celebrate your sis connections than with matching tattoos to commemorate your Houston girl's weekend. Hit up my boy Goldie at Tap Out Tattooing for the best service, especially if it’s your first time. Girl, that ishhhhhh hurts, but damn, it looks so good tho!

Finish it off right, any night. Who doesn’t love some afro beats on a ladies night? The O2 Lounge has the vibe, the cocktails, and the sounds to take you all the way into the early hours. No matter the day there is something happening at this place, and it is the perfect location to dance away the night with your girls before you say goodbye… until next time!

Houston is a total vibe, and the perfect place to get together with your girls for a weekend of good times, great tastes, and making memories that will last well after the trip is done. There is something for everyone, and no matter what time of the day or night, you will find people having a good time.


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