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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Guatemala might not be one of the first places on your list of countries to visit, but there is a very good reason that more and more people are making this their vacation destination. With a rich culture, a thriving hospitality industry, and beautiful scenery everywhere you look, this Latin country has become a firm favorite of mine, and I’m sure it will be the same for you. Here are five reasons (and a few hot tips) why Guatemala is a location worth visiting:

No necesitas ser fluido! Latin America is a great place to visit if you speak only a little Spanish. Your girl still relies on her high school Spanish to get by and managed in Guatemala nicely! You don’t need to be fluent, but it helps to know the basics.

They can mix it with the best. Even at 10am, it’s possible to get delicious cocktails at a ridiculously low price. At just $3 USD or thereabouts, you will definitely find something you like, and, as they say, it’s happy hour somewhere in the world!

Culture, culture, culture. There are so many ways to immerse yourself in the culture and experience the real Guatemala! If you like to move your body, check out a salsa lesson with New Sensation Dance Studio. Support local artisans by purchasing some of their hard work - the weavers in Guatemala are so talented, but it can take literally months to make a single piece of clothing!! Or take an authentic Guatemalan cooking class with Kukul Tales. The instructors are lovely, the food is incredible, and the whole experience is so cute!

There is something for everyone. Guatemalan food is absolutely delicious, but if you’re traveling with someone who isn’t particularly adventurous (or perhaps that’s you!), it’s easy enough to find international cuisine that will also wow your tastebuds. One of my personal faves is Meson Panza Verde - their coconut curry shrimp will blow your mind!

There are some incredible spaces here to treat yo’self. Y’all know your girl loves herself some spa time, and Guatemala did not disappoint. Whether you want a full massage and spa experience or just want to pop in for a facial or a soak in the jacuzzi, luxury awaits! The people here are amazing at what they do, and the total experience is incredible - check out the spa services at Casa Santo Domingo to level up your vacation!

Guatemala was pleasantly surprising. There is a laid-back vibe with a touch of luxury and Latin flair here, and no matter what you decide to do with your time, there are amazing experiences just waiting to be had.


Uber is a great way to travel in Guatemala. They are cheap, plentiful, and safe. They also run late at night, so definitely plan to use them where you can. Want to try something different? Grab yourself a tuk-tuk while you’re out and about, but be warned - the cobbled streets can make for a bumpy ride!

Exchanging currency is cheaper in the Old Town than at the airport, so exchange as little as possible at the airport, and plan to make a stop once you get to the old town to exchange more.

The streets of Antigua are all cobblestones. Plan accordingly… flat, comfortable shoes, and don’t plan to walk around wheeling your suitcase - another great reason to grab yourself an Uber.

The airport is miles out of the city - over an hour from Antigua - so make sure you give yourself time to get to your accommodation at a reasonable hour, especially if you’ve done the 5-hour flight from NYC! Don’t forget to factor in the 2-hour time difference from Eastern as well.

** Photoshoot with Alejandra. Thank you


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