8/22/21 - 8/30/21: DISCOVER JORDAN: "LAND OF THE AGES"


22 AUG 2021 - 30 AUG 2021

A destination of the ages. Prepare to be astounded as you set foot in this stunning land full of ancient sights, healing waters and biodiverse nature. An adventure you won’t soon forget, with the most important piece being you! We can’t wait to see you in Jordan, August 2021!



Welcome to Jordan and the city of Amman!

Your first day will be a FREE DAY as you arrive to the “Ancient Lands” of Jordan. Check in to your hotel, unpack, refresh, relax or even do a little exploring of your own. This is a great time to get acclimated to your new environment.

After all arrivals, later in the night, we will gather for a group dinner around a table of tasty local fare, as we stop for a moment to get to know each other. We are all about community and as we get prepped for the journey ahead, it’s important for us all to connect with each other.



Here we go! Day 2 will begin with a little free time to spend at your leisure.

A good time to get your fuel for the full day ahead and to get your cameras ready for an afternoon photo tour of the City of Amman.

The epic photo opportunities found in the Amman Citadel are sure to tick off those bucket list shots at sites such as the Roman Hercules Temple, the Byzantine church, and Umayyad palace right in the center of the city.

Have a shot you want captured of you? Our Wind Collective team is here for it, just let us know!

Our day would not be complete without finding the perfect sunset. So, we’ll venture to King Abdullah’s mosque to marvel at the incredible view of the city’s sunset.

Free night to enjoy dinner at your own leisure.




After checking out of our hotel, our day begins early as we prepare for the trek to the incredible region of The Mujib Reserve. While we will make certain that our comfy, air conditioned transport is fueled up, you make sure you are as well. Breakfast, snacks and extra water are a wise choice for the adventure ahead!

A diverse biosphere, visiting the Wadi Mujib region is like stepping into another world. A large area of land infiltrated by waterfalls, towering red canyons and a collection of rivers that wind their way into the iconic Dead Sea. This river hike will be an exhilarating start to our day.


After our incredible hike, we will head to the fabulous Kempinski Hotel, home to the largest spa in the Middle East where you are sure to find a treatment that fits just right. Or if you’re not into the spa scene, no worries. There will be lots of time to soak in the healing elements of the natural minerals as we venture out to float in the DEAD SEA. Did you know that the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth with its surface measuring around 423 meters below sea level?

This will no doubt be an incredible experience!

Free night to enjoy dinner at your own leisure.

DAY 4 + 5 - AUGUST 25 - 26


DAY 4 begins in a state of ease as you are free to rest up and prepare for the journey to PETRA! Each of you will be given a JORDAN PASS, which allows you to visit over 40 attractions in Jordan, including a few of our destinations such as Petra and Wadi Rum.

What treasures await after an afternoon journey across the Jordan desert to discover the Lost City of Petra. After checking into our hotel, you are free to go and explore Petra on your own.

Later in the evening, we will gather for an experience you won’t soon forget. Be fully immersed in the culture as you’re surrounded by over 1500 candles lighting up the carved rose-red sandstone rock facades while enjoying the local cultures entertainment evening show.

DAY 5 We are certain that after last night's evening show, you will wake up refreshed and in anticipation of our morning walking tour of Petra. We will start the day by meeting with the local Bedouin guide, where together we will explore and discover the mysteries of the past including the Treasury, the Monastery, the Great Temple and more.

After our morning tour, enjoy an afternoon on your own to continue exploring.

Free night to enjoy dinner at your own leisure.

DAY 6 + 7 - AUGUST 27 - 28


DAY 6 Rise up early for another incredible day! An early morning check out from our hotel and we’re off to Wadi Rum for an exhilarating jeep tour of the Wadi Rum desert! Our tour will take us to places such as Lawerence Springs, Khazali Canyon, the Red Sand Dunes, Burdah Arch, Um Frouth Arch and so much more!

An experience so thrilling, we will only be able to pull you away by enticing you with check in of the luxurious Bedouin tents. We will cap off the evening by candlelight feasting and gazing at the stars in the Jordanian night sky.

DAY 7 One of the things we love here at The Wind Collective is to experience sunrises in new locations and with new friends. Wake up early because together we will gather for a Wadi Rum sunrise. What better way to start the day before sharing a delicious breakfast and checking out of our Bedouin tents.

Next, we head to Aqaba, Jordan’s only coastal town and seaport. After checking into the hotel you are free to spend the afternoon as you choose. Rest up before dinner, reflect on the journey thus far-take a moment to write down your thoughts, explore Aqaba … Make the most of the time, it's yours!

Free night to enjoy dinner at your own leisure.



This is the last full day of our trip and we plan to make the most of it!

Aqaba presents some world class diving opportunities. We will be taking a scuba diving and snorkeling boat tour. If you are a beginner/not certified but have been curious, Aqaba would make an excellent spot to start.

For the afternoon, we’ve planned a beach celebration. A little friendly sports competition, sunbathing, swimming and dancing of course … it’s the perfect way to wrap up our incredible trip filled with joy and adventure.

We will end the day with our final group dinner, where we will reflect on your journey throughout the trip and share your most memorable moments.

But this is not a goodbye, rather a see you next time moment. You’re family now and we’re grateful you’re a part of our journey!

(Before tomorrow’s departure, if you wish, Covid-19 tests will be available on request at the hotel).



Enjoy your final morning in Aqaba, pack your bags and prepare to check out around noon. We will provide airport transportation to Aqaba airport for those of you who chose airport transfers in your booking.

We wish you safe travels on your journey home. Bel tawfiq!

We look forward to when we meet again!

Check out some amazing photos of Jordan below!

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